Conflict, Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

The Policy applies to all staff and sets out a clear procedure for both employees and managers in dealing with various conflict situations including general interpersonal conflict, bullying and harassment.

The aims of this policy and associated procedures are:

  • To provide all staff, particularly managers, with clear guidance on how to handle conflict, bullying and harassment in accordance with best practice and relevant employment legislation.
  • To outline to all staff their rights and their collective responsibility to create and maintain a safe, harmonious, positive and enabling working environment for all.
  • To provide a mechanism to facilitate prompt resolution of issues that may arise.
  • To prevent bullying of all staff members, including agency workers.
  • To prevent harassment of all staff members, including agency workers.


Trust wide training and awareness sessions will be held to ensure managers are equipped with the skills to carry out the requirements under this policy. For further information and advice please contact the Employee Relations Department on (028) 71 320124 or extension 217737.


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