Staff feedback survey - Long term impact of COVID-19

Shauna Healy

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues, we are learning that for some the physical, neurological and psychological symptoms such as anxiety can continue to be experienced over weeks or months. We recognise that this may impact some of our staff and we are currently exploring how we can best support those who are managing some of these longer term symptoms.

Please click here to complete a short survey or return responses to the questions below to:


  1. What physical, neurological and psychological symptoms are you experiencing post COVID?


  1. Has your COVID diagnosis had any other negative impacts on your life?


  1. What support, if any, have you accessed? (eg Occupational Health, health professionals, community & voluntary organisations, online support, support of family/friends, other)


  1. What supports would you find helpful? eg 1:1 advice, group support, online information, webinars from health professionals, other)


  1. Would you like to be involved in helping us set up supports for staff impacted by COVID? (yes/no)


  1. Please use this space for any other comments: