HSC Face Coverings Initiative - (Trust Communication)

Health improvement

The Trust is in the process of issuing all staff with two face coverings for personal use and to wear in non-clinical enclosed spaces, where social distancing is not possible. This is part of a regional initiative to provide all HSC Staff with personal use face coverings.

Most staff will now have received their two face coverings. Those who have not yet received them, should get them shortly

For guidelines on the use of Face Masks / Face Coverings in Health and Social Care settings, please click HERE  

The face coverings comply with WHO guidance standards.

How do I put on, take off, store and dispose of my face coverings?

• Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting on a face covering, and after removing it

• Ensure it covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably but securely against the side of the face

• When wearing a face covering, avoid touching your face covering, hair and face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth

• Do not wear around the neck or forehead

Do not give it to someone else to use

• Change your face covering if it becomes damp

• Wash your face covering daily in line with manufacturer’s instructions; keep a spare clean face covering and alternate them

• Wash in line with manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s not washable, dispose of it carefully in a waste bin, and wash your hands.

• To store the face covering safely between uses, fold the outer surface inward and against itself to reduce contact with the outer surface; store in a clean sealable bag.


For further guidance please see attached leaflet.