Get your Flu Jab - Clinics Start Monday 28th September

This year, the Staff Flu Campaign is more important than ever. It’s important to keep staff and patients safe as we enter into the autumn and winter months while still living with the Covid 19 pandemic.

By getting the Flu jab staff will protect their own health and the health of their patients and families from Flu. Flu is serious and is too big an issue to ignore.

The main campaign will run from 28th September to 9th November but will continue beyond this into the New Year. There will be a range of options available to staff making it easier to get their vaccine.

One of the key elements to this years’ campaign will be the use of Peer Vaccinators who will be able to provide the Flu jab to their own teams thus reducing demand on the Occupational Health Clinics and reducing footfall through hospital sites which is preferable in the context of Covid 19.

There is an important role for every team within the hospital to champion the Flu Campaign in terms of promoting vaccination, educating others and dispelling myths about Flu and the vaccine.


Peer Vaccinators and Flu Champions are currently being recruited  ---  Clinic details to follow.

For more information please contact: