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Parent Page

It is not easy juggling work and home-schooling so we at TWIST West have created a Parents Page in our Staff Support section to help you in supporting your children and family to keep learning as we stay safe and stay home more often than usual.

There is a mountain of info currently available online so we have waded through what is available and chosen some of the good stuff to make it a bit easier for you.

See below for a range of websites, online tutorials and attached documents that may be of help to you during this time.


Click on the attachments at the bottom of this page to download, save or print a copy of any of the posters/ worksheets mentioned in each section below:



Action for Children have produced a Feel Good Booklet with lots of colouring in, self-care, mindfulness and much more with helpline info also featured.

Action for Children

Artist - Emma Paxton has created ‘This Won’t Be Forever’ colour-in poster images supporting NHS Staff and everyone to look after their mental health during this challenging time. Posters attached below.

Click HERE to download Posters.