Flexible Working Arrangements

The Trust’s formal Flexible Working Arrangements include the following:


Flexible Working Arrangements

These arrangements are to allow employees to balance work responsibilities with other aspects of their lives whilst taking into consideration the needs of the service.


Employment Break Scheme

This scheme provides employees with the opportunity for unpaid leave for a longer duration than that provided for by other arrangements.


Job Share Scheme

Job sharing occurs when the duties of a full-time/part-time post are divided between two or more people. These people also share the responsibilities of the total job with the terms and conditions of service being divided proportionately on the basis of the hours worked.


Unpaid Leave Scheme

This Scheme can enable employees to achieve a better balance between work and other commitments. Employees can apply for up to the maximum of 12 weeks unpaid leave in any leave year (i.e. 1st April – 31st March) which can be taken at any time during the year. Approval for unpaid leave is conditional upon alternative arrangements being secured and the demands of the service.