Car Leasing Scheme

Car Leasing Guidance

The option to enter into the Car Leasing scheme is only open to WHSCT employees who are classified as regular/essential users; i.e. employees must either:

  • Drive at least 3,500 business miles a year; or
  • Use a vehicle 156 days of the year plus travel at least 1,250 miles; or
  • Use a vehicle 208 days of the year plus travel at least 1,000 miles; or
  • Spend an average of at least 50% of their time on business travel, including the duties performed during the visits.

Employees should maintain records of travel claimed in order to produce evidence of their eligibility for the scheme, if requested by their Line Manager.

Employees must complete the Leased Car Initial Enquiry form, LC1, (attached below) in full, and send to the Car Leasing Section, Finance Department, Administration Offices, Gransha.


The following information is required on the form:

  • Details of a maximum of three vehicles for which quotations are required including preferred make, model, CC, fuel type, colour, extras, etc.
  • Confirmation from the employee’s line manager certifying that the employee fulfils the necessary criteria and is eligible to enter the car leasing scheme and sign the Leased Car Initial Enquiry form, LC1.
  • Line Manager’s signature.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the leased car applicant to find out all the relevant details about the model of the car and note the exact specifications on the form. Staff will not be given new quotes by sending additional information at a later date.

Failure to complete the form correctly will result in a delay in processing the application.

Once a fully completed application form is received, Finance Department searches for the company with the most competitive price for the lease.

The applicant will be contacted by e-mail within approximately 2 weeks to advise them of quoted prices, expected salary deduction, estimated delivery date and associated benefit in kind figures for tax purposes.

If the applicant decides to proceed they should complete the following:


  • Form LC2 - Leased Car Application.
  • Form LC3 - Leased Car Contract agreement.
  • (Applicant to complete with monthly price quoted, sign and date
  • Form LC4 - Leased Car Insurance detail.

Form LC2, LC3 and LC4 all available on Staff West Intranet.

Please refer to the Factsheet and LC1 Initial Enquiry Form below for further information.


For Car Leasing Scheme Enquiries; please contact:

Donna Gallagher -

Beverley Curry -

028 71 865282
Car Leasing Team, Financial Accounting, Admin office, Gransha Park, Derry/Londonderry, BT476TF