Read our Haiku Poetry Competition Entries

Workplace Health

A huge and most grateful thank you to all staff who entered our Haiku Poetry Competition. Take a few minutes out today to read some of the beautiful and elegant entries that we were very lucky to receive.



The blind do not see

The beauty in the garden

Eyes without windows


A life lived in fear

Worrying about dying

We forget to live


I closed the door to

Keep death from entering, like

Canute by the sea.

Aideen Devine, Complaints Officer – MDEC, Altnagelvin Hospital


Red coloured slippers,

Adjacent by my bed.

Welcoming me home.

Helena Lindsay, Community Dental Nurse – Great James Street Health Centre


Sparkling dew at dawn

I am blessed to see you here,

Grateful for today.

Catherine Farren, Smoking Cessation Nurse – HIEI Department


You know it’s your fault

So don’t let this thing fester

Just say you’re sorry.

Vera Wallace, Social Work Assistant – Primary Care & Older People


We stand side by side

Keep each other uplifted

Share the love around

Jill Weir – Union Rep – Human Resources


Like candyfloss clouds,

Of dancing ballerinas,

Cherry Blossom swirls.

Shelagh Murray – Paediatric Dietician


It is what, it is

Living is impermanent

Do not live in fear

Geraldine Millar – Community Care Support and Tester





Orla Twells – Biomedical Scientist


Case rates in decline

Vaccinations a success

Here comes the summer

Geoff Coke – Ward Clerk Rheumatology


The waves sound alight

They can blow our hearts open

As blue as your eyes

Joe Mc Garry – Senior Dental Officer


Toes tickling the Sea,

Sun on my face, waves lapping,

a moment of bliss

Nicola Holden – Social Worker



'Your Kisses Soft

As Angels Whispers.

Melt Into My Cheeks

Giving Me A Saintly Glow'

Maria Rose Thomas – Staff Nurse


Blackbird sings, unseen.

A pearl of rain on primrose ...

The woods in April

Danny McLaughlin - Day Care Worker, Maybrook Centre

(A little poem inspired by a stroll around Beech Hill Gardens recently).


Today the sun shines

It’s no match to your smile

So smile and be you.


Often we look down

May I point out? Up, Left, Right

We can also look.


Without that hunger

We will never ever achieve

Feed burning desire


Love leaves loneliness

Lenitive lures lifelessness

Laugh leave lustrous love.

Brian Hasson – Care Assistant – AMH & LD


The breeze on my face,

Caressing my soul,

Whispering that things will be fine.

Brendan O’Neill – Art Therapist (Psychotherapy)


I have seen your face

Virtual screen for a year

long for your embrace


Freedom on my bike

Travelling over Country back roads

The sun on my back


Patience while I wait

When we meet up again soon

Cremé in my coffee


Around the Burren

Cycling freely on my bike

The air is so light


Watching the birds fly above

Cat licked his whiskers

And sat very still

Geraldine Millar – Community Care Support and Tester


'The world is an Orchard

And we are merely seeds of an apple

That has fallen from a tree.'

Kerry McGee – Senior Social Worker Practitioner


Angels enfold me

In the softness of their wings

Comforting my soul

Mo Cobb – Team Secretary LAC Limavady


Moonlight leaves deep stares,

Gentle snog tastes piquant wine-

Two hearts intertwine.

Kathreen Lelis – Staff Nurse – Ward 50 - Alt


Here she comes running

Her curls uncontrollable

She lights up my world


And the cold waves crashed

sound filled up my whole being

I was replenished

Pat Hannaway – HR Advisor (Directorate Support Team)


The promise of you

Fills my heart with joy

Thankful for this hope


My heart is alive

The great story of you breathes

And dwells in my soul

Mary T O’Neill – Day Care Worker AMH & LD


Pink blossom dances

sprinkle natures confetti-

Celebrate springtime!

Colette Stewart – Project Administrator – CMP


The piton strikes rock

A fall can be averted

Moonlight guides the way

Joe McGarry – Senior Dental Officer


In the beautiful, warm sunshine

Our majestic city walls sit proudly

Above the luscious green landscape below, just so picturesque.

Amanda Clarke - Primary Care & Older People’s Team


I have a good friend

Our friendship is love and trust

It is forever

Anne Kler – Clinical Coding Manager


Silent thoughts in still

Good intentions for today

Action now required

Martin McGale - Rathview Mews


Clothed in white blossom,

The Hawthorne stands resplendent,

Like a bride’s lace dress.

Shelagh Murray - Paediatric Dietitian


The Unbloomed Flower

Blossomed a fragrance of hope,

Ripples of Faith rise.

Hazelline Buenaventura - Staff Nurse - DESU/Main Theatres


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