Staff Psychological Support Line - UPDATE

Shauna Healy

The WHSCT Staff Psychological Support Line has been operating for one month and will continue to offer assistance to all HSC staff including local GP Practices, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and the Independent Sector.

Over the course of this month staff from all levels of service and in various job roles have been seeking support. We have noticed an increase in anxieties for all staff. Concerns highlighted include Covid-19 anxieties, returning to work at this unusual time, redeployment, caring for shielding family members while continuing to work and the re-emergence of past psychological difficulties.


Contact the Staff Psychological Support Line by:


The Support Line will continue to run 9am-9pm Mon – Fri and 2pm - 6pm Sat and Sun.

If you are experiencing psychological or emotional challenges during this time please let us care for you, as you care for others.