Run Leaders Recognised in Virtual Staff Awards Presentation

Shauna Healy

All 32 Western Trust Run Leaders were recognised at a Virtual Staff Awards Presentation by Teresa Molloy, Director of Performance and Service Improvement yesterday, 30th November. Run Leaders were awarded a highly commended award in the Great Place to Live Well category. Teresa acknowledged the significant contribution Run Leaders have made to the health & wellbeing of our staff.


Anne Love, Volunteering Manager spoke of the difference that volunteers make to others by giving of their time and remarked that this award was particularly special as Run Leaders were giving back to their own colleagues Trustwide. Seamus Ward, Head of Health Improvement, Equality and Involvement noted the considerable commitment involved in being trained as Run Leaders and supporting delivery of multiple programmes twice a week over several weeks and that this model provides a great example of how we can look to develop other volunteering opportunities such as Staff Health Champions within the Trust.


A news article was also submitted to Helpforce, an organisation which supports volunteering across health and social care. Please see link to this story below which Helpforce are covering on their ‘Wall of Fame’ as a recognition to those who have volunteered to help staff, patients and communities:


Thank you to all our Run Leaders

Once again, thank you to each and every Run Leader for your enthusiasm and dedication. So many of your colleagues have benefited physically, mentally, emotionally and socially from your generosity and gift of time.

Congratulations to all our wonderful volunteers!