NHS 12 week plan- Week 4

Healthy Diet

This week we look at unhealthy snack tempations and healthy eating at work.

To avoid temptation plan snacks for each day of the week. If you work, don't forget to take your snacks along with you for the day.

Safefood snack recipes: https://www.safefood.net/Recipes/Snacks

Or visit the recipes section on TWIST by clicking HERE

Did you know choosing fruit or vegetables as snack options instead of crisps, chocolate and other high caolorie snacks will help you replace lost energy without putting on weight!

Week 4: https://assets.nhs.uk/tools/download-panels/data/weight-loss/pdf/wlp4.pdf

We spend on average a third of our day at work so it makes sense to give careful consideration to what we eat during working hours. check out the tips from safefood below to help yo make healthier choices at work:

Safefood Healthy eating on shift work: https://www.safefood.net/how-to/eat-well-shift-work

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