Mindfulness at work success

A few staff took part in the Mindfulness at Work session on 16 September in SWAH Enniskillen, where they learned Mindfulness techniques to promote their health and wellbeing in day-to-day life.

What staff thought about the event.

What did you like about the mindfulness session?

"I enjoyed reaching a feeling of calmness"

'All the sessions were beneficial for myself and my work area"

Specifically how did you benefit?

"Excellent session which will prompt us to be more mindful"

"Would love to do it again"

"Thank you! Come back soon to SWAH"

Any final comments

"When I am tired or worked up, I can use some techniques to calm the situation"

"I learned how to relax and let go"

"I realised the practical benefits of the grounding and relaxation techniques".