Message from Pharmacy Flu Vaccine Lead, Cairine Gormley

Shauna Healy

Dear colleagues.

Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist and Pharmacy Flu Vaccine Lead, Cairine Gormley, reminds all staff of the importance of getting the Flu Jab early. Click HERE  to listen to a short message from Cairine.


Pharmacy staff are working to ensure the Flu Vaccine is readily available and they meet the expected demand for the vaccination this year.


Vaccination is particularly important when COVID is circulating to reduce the chances of co-infection. Early evidence suggests that co-infection is associated with doubling mortality when someone has both infections, compared to having COVID alone


Flu clinics commence on Monday 28 September. Please click on the icons below for details of vaccination clinics in your area. Please print a poster to include in your ward / service area.

Please share with staff who are not on email.

Protect Yourself, Your Patients and Your Colleagues - Get Your Jab!