Happy International Men's Day

The Wellhub Team

Men's Mental Health in these Challenging Times

International Men's Day (IMD) takes place on the 19th of November each year. This day offers an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the important contribution that men and boys make to their families, friends, communities, workplaces, society and the world. However, it is also a time to highlight some of the key issues facing males, and to provide practical support and positive encouragement to overcome these.

The Challenges and Choices men face on a daily basis, have been compiled into a Man Manual Booklet.

This booklet contains a wide range of information relating to men’s health on the island of Ireland. It seeks to let you know what some of the main challenges are and, more importantly, what you can choose to do about them.

Please follow the link below to view and download your copy

Man Manual - Challenges and Choices


Content provided by the Men's Health Forum Ireland