FREE Stress Control Classes

The Wellhub Team

As the HSCNI can’t deliver our Stress Control classes in the community just now, Dr Jim White will, instead, live-stream the classes until December, free-of-charge. Click here to get all the dates. To find out more about Stress Control click here

All you need to successfully complete this class is to watch each of the six sessions, read the booklets and use the relaxation and mindfulness. You can find the sessions on YouTube.

Click the button below to access our YouTube channel where the classes will be available to view at the scheduled times if you want to ‘attend’ the class and will remain online for 48 hours if you want to watch in your own time. Please subscribe to the YouTube page for session notifications.


Stress Control Online


Please stream/download the booklets and relaxation that can be found, free-of-charge, in the Free zone below. If you can, please read, and start work on, the four ‘Preparing for the course’ booklets before the first session.

We also have an Enhanced zone, created for those individuals who want to arm themselves with even more skills they can use to fight back against their stress.