Family Wellbeing

Looking after your children’s physical health during Covid 19

As the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic develops further and schools have closed, children and young people will spend more time at home.

This is a massive change to their standard routine.

To look after your children’s physical health, make sure they get enough exercise.

Exercise has many benefits for our physical and mental health. Being outside in the fresh air will also boost energy levels and help young people’s ability to focus.

Exercise releases endorphins (happy chemicals), which decrease stress and improve sleep.

Encouraging young people to take a short walk or cycle a bike can help them de-stress and recharge.


For fun and interactive physical activity, please link on the following websites:

Joe Wicks doing PE every day on YouTube for kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Please link on the website below for five ways you can support children and young people learning independently at home.