Department of Health - Nursing Now - Encourage Staff to Participate in Your Own 5k Walk, Run or Jog

1 May, 2021 (All day) to 16 May, 2021 (All day)

In celebration of International Nurses Day, International Day of the Midwife and Nursing Now Northern Ireland (NI) campaign, the Department of Health are encouraging Staff to Walk the Talk.

The Department of Health are encouraging Nursing Staff to complete a 5k in May. This 5k can be undertaken independently or with a small group (adhering to current restrictions and social distancing).

Please note this is not a 5K large group event - this is a 5k that you undertake to complete alone or with a small group.

This is an opportunity for everyone to run, walk, and jog 5K on a route of their choosing at any time. These runs are open to everyone and the Department of Health encourage participation from all abilities. Please be mindful of current restrictions if you are choosing to complete your 5K in a small group:

(Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations guidance: what the restrictions mean for you nidirect)


The main aim of this campaign is to encourage Health and Social Care staff, their friends and families to run, walk or jog 5K either at a landmark venue in Northern Ireland or a safe location of your choosing.

The Department of Health are asking staff who participate to share pictures or videos of their achievements via twitter using the hashtag: #healthforallNI which will be collated and used to promote the benefits that being physically active brings for both a person’s mental and physical health.


If you have never run or walked the distance of 5K before; the NHS website have a week-by-week programme and a podcast that you can help support you build up to a 5K gradually:

Couch to 5K: week by week - NHS (


Please see below guidance to support you to participate in the Nursing Now Independent 5K:


Safety Guidelines

Before going out on your walk, jog, or run, please consider the following guidelines:

Planning your route

When deciding on where to complete your run/jog/walk, there are a number of important factors to consider. Therefore, please take time to consider the route surface, weather conditions, impact on other users, traffic, visibility, physical distancing guidelines relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, any animals that may be on route, and your personal safety based on the area in general.

Clothing and equipment

Please also consider any clothing you wear or equipment that you use and whether it is appropriate for the conditions, the course, and your personal comfort, fitness and safety. Particularly, please use caution around the use of headphones and make sure that you will always be aware of any possible hazards.
We would also recommend, that you carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) details with you at all times whilst running, walking or jogging.


Anyone is eligible to take part. However, children remain the responsibility of their parents, guardians, or carers at all times, and, as with regular events, we would recommend that children under the age of 12 are always accompanied by an appropriate adult. Under 16s must ask permission from their carer to run on their own and inform carers of the intended route and when they expect to return.


At all times during your event, please give way to other people or vehicles, and put safety ahead of your stopwatch. This is simply intended to be a fun initiative to keep us all entertained and a way to support you to be physically fit and active.

Health and Fitness

Prior to starting your run/walk/ jog please make sure that you are fit and healthy enough to do so appropriately and safely. If in any doubt at all you should seek medical advice.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register / do I need to register?
No need to register – this is an independent 5K that you can do alone or with a small group in line with current restrictions.

How do I submit proof that I have completed the event?

This event will work on an honesty basis that you have completed 5K. We would ask that you tweet a photograph or video of you completing the event if it is safe to do so using the hashtag #healthforallNI


I’ve never done a 5K run/walk/jog. Can I still take part?

Absolutely! You can access support from Couch to 5K: week by week - NHS (


Do I have to do my run/walk/jog at my home parkrun course?
No - in fact we would prefer it if you didn’t. You can walk, jog, or run were you like (providing it is safe to do so). In your garden, to and from your house, it doesn’t matter where. We definitely do not want a lot of people turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

Can I do this on a treadmill?
Yes, you can complete your run/walk/jog on a treadmill.

When does this event start / finish?
The event starts on Saturday 1st May and ends on Sunday 16th May, however we would encourage participation anytime in May if the dates do not suit.



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Who should people contact regarding the event?: 
Department of Health