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7 September, 2020 (All day) to 13 September, 2020 (All day)

Organ Donation Week (7 to 13 September)

The Wellhub Team

Organ Donation Week is a great opportunity for donor families, transplant patients, the wider NHS and organisations to reinforce the importance of organ donation.


Have you thought about it?

Most people would accept an organ if they needed one. Not surprising really. Yet only 46% of us have signed the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Last year nine people died in Northern Ireland waiting for an organ transplant. By signing the register and talking to your family about your decision you could help save the lives of up to nine people.

The current legislation for Northern Ireland is to opt in to organ and tissue donation; you can do this by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register and sharing your decision with your family. You can also record a decision not to be a donor.

You can also nominate up to two representatives to make the decision for you. These could be family members, friends, or other people you trust


Organ donation gives the precious gift of life to others. Let us explain exactly what’s involved, how you can register and dispel any myths you might have heard.


For more information go to https://www.organdonationni.info/