Advice NI - Benefits & Welfare Reform

Social Security benefits and welfare reform is a core area of training at Advice NI. We offer training in both the current benefits system and the system post-Welfare Reform. Our training in this area is dynamic and regularly updated to reflect the ever changing subject area.



We offer training packages and single courses to future proof your knowledge of the Social Security system and prepare you for welfare reform. This includes:

  • The Welfare Reform Training Programme
  • An Overview of Welfare Reform and the Mitigations Package
  • An Introduction to Universal Credit
  • An Introduction to Personal Independence Payments
  • The State Retirement Pension for Beginners
  • What You Need to Know About Child Maintenance

We have additional off the shelf courses in the following areas of Social Security Benefits and Welfare Reform which can be delivered on a bespoke basis:

Course TitleCourse Length
An Introduction to Older People’s Benefits2 Day Course
An Introduction to Younger People’s Benefits1 Day Course
An Overview of Younger People’s Benefits½ Day Course
An Overview of Older People Benefits½ Day Course
Understanding State Retirement Pension2 Day Course
State Pension Reform½ Day Course
An Overview of Welfare Benefits (Existing System)½ Day Course
An Introduction to Benefits and Tax Credits (Existing System)1 Day Course
Overview of Welfare Reform and PIP1 Day Course
Impact of Welfare Reform on People with Disabilities½ Day Course
Overview of the Impact of Welfare Reform½ Day Course
Financial Inclusion and Welfare Reform½ Day Course

Further information about our bespoke training can be found here



The Legal Advice qualifications offered by Advice NI include units on ‘Providing Initial Legal Advice in Welfare Rights’ and ‘Providing Legal Advice and Casework in the Area of Welfare Rights’ which can be studied within the full qualifications or as stand-alone units. See our Vocational Qualifications section.

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